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We Are BlackStone Capital

Blackstone Capital provides short term funding to individuals and small businesses. We offer lifestyle products and services that suit financial needs of our customers.

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Blackstone Capital Limited is a finance Institution primarily established to bridge the lending chasm to individuals, small and medium scale businesses in the wake of Nigeria’s renaissance as Africa’s business hub.

Blackstone is an innovative institution offering lifestyle products and services that suit the financial needs of our multi-segmented clientele base. The company commenced business in July 2019 with a firm commitment to change the face of micro-lending in Nigeria. We are poised to take over the market through our bouquet of innovative loan products, ease of loan accessibility, flexibility and attractive pricing.

Our Value Proposition

Blackstone Capital Limited will continue to provide unsurpassed service and the best value for money to its customers. Customers will be offered innovative loan products, ease of loan accessibility, flexibility and pricing. Process simplicity will continue to be a key driving force. …read more

What We Offer

Asset Management

At Blackstone Capital, we manage institutions, retail and High - Net worth Individual Portfolios with aim of achieving their Investment objectives.

Wealth Management

At Blackstone Capital, our private Wealth Services allows us to develop a plan that evolved with you while sustaining your desired lifestyle.

Project Finance

Our Project Finance is a solution that assists businesses with solving cash flow issues due to growth related challenges in their business.

Debt Factoring

We offer debt factoring services for clients that need their loans or receivables bought at a discount and making a profit from their collection.

Asset Finance

Whether it’s a new car, a new phone or furniture, we offer personal and flexible financing for property, vehicles and lifestyle assets.

Local Purchase Order (LPO) Financing

Local Purchase Order Financing allows businesses that have obtained purchase orders/letter of Award to deliver goods and services or carry out contractual works.

Foreign Exchange Dealings

We provide Cash, Local and Foreign remittance services to our clients

Insurance Brokerage

We offer competitive Insurance Brokerage service with professional advice with carefully selected trusted and reliable Underwriters for efficient settlement of claims

Agency Banking

Our Integrated Banking Payment Automation Solutions are designed to meet all your needs

Financial Advisory

At Blackstone Capital, we provide expertise for clients' decisions around Money matters, Personal Finances, and Investment to enable clients' create strategies for eliminating financial risk.

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